Pre-Qualification Agreement

UNO Overseas Placement Inc. ("UNO") is POEA licensed recruitment agency which pre-screens and recruits qualified applicants to its employers. Applicant has applied to or contacted UNO seeking assistance in job placement.

The applicant understands that:

  1. Applicants agrees to submit following requirements to UNO:
    1. Updated Comprehensive Resume
    2. PEOS Certificate
    3. Proof of relevant experience/knowledge in the job category applied for:
      1. Certificate of Employment of related work OR
      2. Vocational Certificate or College/University Diploma
      3. FOR FARMER APPLICANTS ONLY: Photocopy of Land Title or Tax Declaration of Agricultural land worked on
    4. Valid Passport
    5. FOR EX-ABROAD ONLY: Old passport (immigration stamp of departure and arrival ot and from the country deployed to)
    6. NBI Clearance (Multi-purpose)
    7. Birth Certificate
    8. Highschool Diploma or ALS Certification
    9. TESDA Certificates or other licenses, if any
    10. English or Japanese Language Proficiency Certificates, if any
  2. Applicant shall provide accurate and necessary information for UNO to conduct background screening. UNO shall automatically forfeit the application if it discovers misrepresentation in his/her documents, skill or condition which may significantly affect his/her employment.
  3. UNO shall decide in its sole discretion whether an applicant is suitable for interview with potential employers based on the applicant qualifications and client requirements.
  4. Applicant shall undergo the required medical exam/s and must be declared fit for work. Fees for the medical exam shall be covered by the applicant. Applicant understands that if he/she does not meet the medical requirements set by the Immigration Bureau and Embassy of the country where he/she will be deployed to, his/her application will be forfeited even if he/she has already been selected by the client.
  5. Applicant must be prepared to pay for the fees for required testing or vaccinations as required by the government of the country the applicant may be deployed to in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic and other similar outbreaks.
  6. The Employer has sole discretion on whom it shall select for hiring and deployment.
  7. All data concerning the applicants obtained by UNO shall only be used for the purpose of matching them with potential employers.
  8. If the applicant withdraws his/her application and shall require the return of his/her original documents, he/she or an authorized representative shall personally receive the documents at the specified office. If preferred by courier, the applicant shall cover the courier delivery fees.
  9. Unavoidable calamities or circumstances beyond the control of the Employer and UNO, such as pandemics and natural disasters, may result to the cancellation of the selection and, thus, deployment.
  10. If selected, applicant agrees to undergo all required trainings, orientations and seminars by UNO and the Employer. Failure to attend two or more events without prior notice or reasonable excuse shall forfeit the selection and shall result to replacement.
  11. Applicant understands that he/she shall cover his personal expenses during the course of training as needed, which may include but is not limited to food, transportation fees, dormitory fees, learning materials such as books and review pamphlets, data for online classes, materials needed for classes, etc.
  13. If selected, applicant shall undergo and complete the Japanese Language Training Course under the Employer’s specified TESDA-Accredited School. The tuition fee for the training shall be shouldered by the Employer. Habitual absenteeism during classes, expulsion from the school, or inability to pass the evaluation/proficiency test shall forfeit the selection and shall result to replacement.
  15. Applicant acknowledges and agrees that despite UNO’s best efforts to place him/her with an employer, there is no guarantee that employment will be obtained for the applicant. Applicant understands that employment is solely based on employer’s decision.
  16. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. It constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding its subject matter. If any provision in this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless continue in full force.