recruitment Process Flow

*Steps in blue are the responsibility of the client. Steps in orange fall under UNO.


Jurisdiction of Philippine Overseas Labor Office - New Zealand

Employers looking to hire Filipino workers must get verified by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in New Zealand (POLO-New Zealand) and then register with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in Metro Manila, Philippines. This is in order for the Philippine Government to ascertain:

• the existence of the company or project

• the operations of the company or project is legal

• the need for Filipino manpower

• the employer’s capability to hire workers at acceptable rates

• the terms and conditions of work are in conformity with the minimum standards set by the POEA and compliant with the labour laws and regulations of the Tongan government.

Verification Process


Employer completes the requirements and relevant forms provided by UNO for POLO-New Zealand verification.
The documentary requirements are as follows:

• Recruitment Agreement between the Employer and UNO, which specifies the role, obligations, and limitations of each party.

• Joint Affidavit of Undertaking wherein the Employer and UNO attest their compliance with Philippine laws with regard to the recruitment of Filipino workers.

• Master Employment Contract between the Employer and the worker, which specifies the terms and conditions of the employment compliant with Tonga and the Philippines’ labor laws, rules and regulations.

• Job Order which specifies the Employer’s requirements, indicating the job category, number of workers to be hired, and the monthly gross salary.

• Contingency Plan which assures the POEA that the safety and welfare of the applicant shall be addressed in the event of calamity, war, and natural or man-made disasters.

The Contingency Plan states that repatriation costs shall be paid by the employer in case of war or calamity. In actuality, the repatriation fee is already covered by the insurance in the Philippines which UNO will get in behalf of the workers. The cost of the insurance is already included in the one-time fee, and thus we ensure that the repatriation flight fee is covered.

• Visa Guarantee which assures the POEA that the Employer knows their responsibility in ensuring that the workers have a valid and legal visa and permits.

• Special Power of Attorney which grants UNO the permission to act in behalf of the Employer regarding the registration of its company and application of subsequent job orders with POEA.

• Business License of the Employer with an attached English Translation if written in the local language

- Copy of government-issued ID or passport of the Employer
- Company Brochure/Profile, or pictures of the worksite
- Business License of UNO Overseas Placement Inc. (No need for apostille)
- POEA License of UNO Overseas Placement Inc. (No need for apostille)


Employer applies for Apostille for the required documents to the appropriate New Zealand Ministry.


Employers pays for the corresponding fees and submits required documents to POLO-New Zealand for verification.


After the POLO verification, employer needs to send the verified and authenticated documents to UNO in the Philippines for POEA registration.

Note: All documents need to have an Apostille stamp.

For further questions, you may contact POLO-New Zealand here:

Contact Number: 04-2601161
Address: POLO Wellington Level 1 Thornton Quay, Pipitea, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Check out the guidelines for Tongan employers hiring Filipino workers with POLO New Zealand:

Recruitment Process


UNO will match the best candidates based on your company's requirements. Once your company's POEA Registration is released, UNO can commence with the employer-candidate interview.


Employer shall select the workers through an interview and trade test, one-on-one or via Zoom, depending on their preference.


Employer shall secure the visa application of their selected workers.


UNO shall secure the workers' Overseas Exit Clearance (OEC), OFW Insurance, and other necessary requirements for their deployment to Tonga.

Until the OEC is released, the workers shall undergo pre-entry lectures.


UNO will provide seminars and orientations to equip and prepare the workers for living and working abroad.


Employer shall arrange the worker's transportation from the Philippines to the job site.


The employer will cover all recruitment costs such as documents processing, visa and work permit application, as well as airfare for the workers, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Philippine laws prohibit the direct hiring of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW). Any employer intending to hire OFWs is required to course employment through recruitment agencies accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).

Any employer intending to hire OFWs for the first time must undergo accreditation under their corresponding Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO). You may contact the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate to know which POLO your company falls under.

After verifying the employment contract, terms and conditions with the POLO, UNO will submit the documents to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) for accreditation.

The costs of recruitment and placement shall be the responsibility of the principal/employer, which covers payment for the following:

• Visa, including the stamping fee
• Work permit and residence permit, as your government requires
• Round trip airfare
• Transportation from the airport to the jobsite
• POEA processing fee
• OWWA membership fee
• Mandatory Insurance as required by the Philippine Government
• Medical testing as may be required by your government
• Skills or language training as may be required by your government
• Additional trade test/assessment, if required by the employer

You may check the complete list of our Fields of Expertise here.
UNO boasts of 26 years’ experience as a POEA-accredited agency. All UNO workers have working experience in their respective fields and they are
Moreover, we are experienced in sending workers in the following industries:

• Agriculture
• Food Processing and Manufacturing
• Construction and Industrial Works
• Shipbuilding
• Automotive Repair and Maintenance
• Aviation Engineering and Maintenance
• Building Cleaning Management
• Industrial Machinery
• Machine Parts and Tooling Industries

We also have partnerships with TESDA-accredited training schools, as well as schools specializing in Language Training. We ensure the quality of work of our applicants.

• Our 27 years of solid reputation and experience as a foundation and then as a recruitment agency recognized by POEA and the Japanese government.
• Our stance with ethical recruitment, especially the no placement fee rule.
• Strict legal compliance for both our client and workers’ protection
• Our constant monitoring of our workers, and mediation whenever necessary.

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