Go ye therefore, and
I will make you
fishers of men

About Uno

UNO Overseas Placement, Inc. is a 100% Filipino-owned and managed recruitment agency committed to deploying highly skilled and professional Filipinos to reputable companies worldwide.

Licensed for the past two decades by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, we assure you of full compliance with national and international labor laws, as well as the rules and regulations of the country of destination.

We also take pride in the trust given by our workers, as they go through our ethical recruitment process and undergo trainings to help them adapt to your country's culture and become essential contributors to your company’s success.

Our Mission to our Clients

To provide outstanding and resilient Filipino workers ready to contribute to the success of reputable companies worldwide.

Our Mandate


Ethical Recruitment

We ensure no fees are charged to the worker for hire, in accordance with ILO C181


Worker Adjustment & Resilience Training

Our workers undergo trainings on work ethics, family relations management, financial planning, cultural integration and such to ensure their adaptability and readiness in working and living abroad.


Client Support and Worker Welfare

We are ready to support you and our workers at anytime from deployment until their return to the Philippines.


Legal Compliance

All reportorial requirements shall be prepared and submitted promptly by our legal associates.

Our History


TESDA-JITCO Program Launch

Start of the training partnership between Technical Education and Skills Development Authority and Japan International Training Cooperation Organization.


Interskills Development Foundation Inc.

Founded by President Dr. Elvira Pineda.


Cultivation Agriculture Interns Deployment

Interskills dispatches the pioneering batch of cultivation agriculture trainees to Japan.


UNO Overseas Placement, Inc.

With the purpose of continuous employment for returning Filipino workers, Mr. Pineda acquires ownership of UNO to expand employment opportunities worldwide.


Technical Intern Trainees deployment

JITCO program is removed from TESDA and is moved to the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency.

Interskills team transfers to UNO and starts sending technical interns to Japan.


Organization for Technical Intern Training

Technical Intern Training Program is transferred to OTIT under Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

UNO pioneers the sending of Filipino technical intern trainees to Japan under the new system.

Our Statistics

26 Years of Experience

Actively sending technical interns to Japan and other countries since 1994.

47 Prefectures to Japan

UNO has been sending workers to all of Japan's Prefectures, and has started deploying to Poland.

7,173 Dispatched Workers

All of our deployed workers are qualified, skilled, and knowledgeable in their fields.

Our Licenses and Recognition

  • POEA License 229-LB-103018-R
  • Authorized Sending Organization - Technical Intern Trainees

    Recognized by Japan's Organization of Technical Intern Training under the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

  • Authorized Sending Organization - Specified Skilled Workers

    Recognized by the Immigration Bureau of Japan

Our Team

Dr. Elvira Pineda


A dental practitioner for 15 years, Dr. Elvira founded Interskills Development Foundation, Inc. in 1994 to provide employment opportunities to and upgrade the skills of the Filipino labor sector. She has since taken over, managed and expanded UNO Overseas Placement, Inc. to where it is today.

Ms. Christelle Pineda
Vice President

A Legal Management graduate, Christelle interned at the Office of Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino IV before working as an interpreter for a Japanese shipyard, serving as the main link between the company’s Japanese staff and Filipino workers. As UNO’s VP, she is now helping lead and innovate the way to the agency’s future.

Mr. Yoshihisa Yamamoto
Marketing Representative

Yamamoto-san has almost two decades’ experience in the recruitment of local and foreign human resources. Based in Hyogo, he is UNO’s reliable main marketing man in Japan.

Ms. Jane Okumura
Marketing Department Manager

Jane has 20 years’ combined experience as interpreter, officer, and manager for Japanese companies in various industries, from entertainment to IT to automotive. Based in the Philippines, she ably spearheads UNO’s marketing and business development.

Ms. Candy Abonitalla
Monitoring Department Manager

A Nihongo language international student in Tokyo for five years, Candy has 15 years’ total experience as a Japanese language trainer, including founding Nihongo Kyouiku school in Alabang which catered to engineers and managers from top tech and automotive companies. She was UNO’s advanced Japanese language instructor for 10 years, before becoming UNO’s Monitoring head in 2019.

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