Partner Onboarding Process

UNO will guide you every step of the way.

*Steps in blue are the responsibility of the client. Steps in orange fall under UNO.

POLO Verification and POEA Registration

All foreign companies looking to hire Filipino workers are required to secure accreditation from the Philippine Government to ensure that the employment contract and working conditions meet international labor standards. The company must verify their documents with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office and apply for accreditation under the the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency.

Note: UNO will gladly assist you in the application process.


Interview & Hiring

UNO starts sourcing and recruitment activities once the client secures POEA registration. The final selection must be done by the employer.

UNO workers are guaranteed to have the following qualifications:

1. With working experience of at least six months and holds considerable knowledge in the field applied for. Additional qualifications preferred by the client will be met.

2. Cleared by the Philippine Department of Health's accredited clinics as physically fit to work.

3. Mentally prepared for work abroad.

Note: Upon selection, Client shall prepare the necessary working visa for their selected workers.


Working Permit

The client shall prepare any and all permits required by their government in hiring overseas workers. On our side, UNO shall assist in securing the necessary documents from the workers such as passport, certificate of employment and other documents.


Documents Preparation and Worker Training

UNO shall process pertinent documents for the workers such as visa in the nearest Embassy or Consular office, Overseas Exit Clearance (OEC), PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig, Compulsory Insurance and Overseas Workers and Welfare Administration Membership.

UNO shall also provide the workers trainings on cross-culture orientations, work ethics, family relations, financial management, and others to ensure their success in the client’s company and country.



Once all the permits are prepared, the client shall secure flight arrangements as preferred. UNO may make arrangements upon the client's request.



UNO shall submit the reportorial requirements regarding the company and their hires for compliance with POEA. UNO shall also mediate should any concerns arise with the workers.


Rehiring or Return to the Philippines

Depending on the company's decision, we will process the worker's clearance with the Philippine Government.


Worker Reintegration

As part of our corporate social responsibility, UNO provides career counseling to returning workers in order to help them find their purpose, be it in entrepreneurial activities or gainful employment locally or abroad in coordination with relevant local government agencies.